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So hey, I'm not the most active Social Media Personality, and its always on my list of To-Dos, everyday. But it's not my fault I'm so easily distracted by dick.

And since moving to Clapham there's an entirely new borough to concur! Not to mention our new venue...its right next to The Common...

Anyway, this post has an intention, as we have just announced publicly (like I haven't been speaking about it for months with anyone who's got ears), our new collection due to be released just in time for summer!


Have you got a crush on the tube you eyeball every morning? How about the guy who dances about naked in his room directly across the street every night before bed? You just can't stop thinking about the size of that baristas cup'o' joe?!

Well we've got the perfect toys just to make your dick twitch while riding the Bakerloo line home.

Every model has been hand picked by Yours Truly, cast in platinum grade silicone, with each dildo having dual density thickness to give it that great "God, your dick is so hard!" vibe.

And its not just dildos! We will be providing you with a flesh tunnel to slip inside your favourite masturbator modelled on one of Londons most cherished arseholes. 

And not to mention there may be one or two of the range cast directly from some of your favourite OnlyFans Content Creators. You'll be able to take home the dick you've been wanking into a sock over the pandemic for. You're welcome.

Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list and all dem channels (Twitter, Instagram if you have to) to find out more and let us know what you think!


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